Condor Wines - An Independent Specialist Importer A Portfolio of Impressive Wines From entry-level and mid-range to premium and boutique .... ... every one has been carefully selected

An Independent Specialist Importer

We are an independent specialist importer of Argentine, Chilean and Uruguayan wines established in 2011 by Lee Evans and his wife Maria, a native of Argentina.

Customers enjoy working with us because we are very focused and passionate about South America, we work hard to find the right wines and always seek to over-deliver on their price-quality.” Lee Evans

Condor Wines deals directly with all its producers and every wine has been carefully selected to meet the high expectations of the UK market. From our bonded warehouse our wines are delivered in a fast and efficient manner by wine logistics specialists.

Proud to be recognised at the Harpers Awards where we were finalists in the category of ‘Best New/Emerging Drinks Business’ and to be 11th in the ‘Wine Merchant Mag’ ‘Suppliers you most enjoy working with’.

Learn more about Condor Wines and the team, visit ‘About Us

A Portfolio of Impressive Wines

We carry a wide range of wines from entry-level and mid-range to premium and boutique, many of them award-winning and all of them are carefully selected. Whilst we cover the important and popular wines such as mouth-filling and dark-fruit filled Malbec and clean fruity Sauvignon Blanc, we also have exciting and unique varieties such as Torrontés, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Bonarda.

Within our diverse portfolio we cover the key regions, varieties and price point from across Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. For more on our wines visit ‘Our Wines’.

We work with excellent producers, many of them are family owned and all of them have a passion for making quality wines. For more on our producers visit ‘Our Producers’.

We also have considerable experience working with customers on own/exclusive label projects and can supply direct from the countries of origin on an FOB, FCA or ex-cellar basis.