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Bodega Los Haroldos
Bodega Los Haroldos is owned by ‘Familia Falasco’ who have over 70 years’ experience producing fine wines. 

Their history began in 1939 when Octavio Rufino Falasco emigrated to Argentina from Italy and initially sold his wine from a barrel on the front of his bike. Over time he bought more land and established a winery in San Martin, East Mendoza. 

Today third generation Jorge Daniel Falasco leads the destiny of this family business and many of the fourth generation work with him, ensuring the  future of the family’s involvement in the production of fine wines. 
The Bodega Los Haroldos team celebrating the first day of the 2013 Harvest
The Bodega Los Haroldos team celebrating the first day of the 2013 Harvest  
Jorge Falasco and his father Aroldo Falasco
Jorge Falasco and his father Aroldo Falasco

Jorge continues the tradition which is based on the original principles for developing fine wines, honouring the principles that gave rise to his grandfather's dream: to be a solid project in time, sustaining youth, dynamism and intelligence to adapt to changes.  This focus has been successful, today Familia Falasco are a top ten leading Argentine winery with both a strong domestic market and an ever increasing presence in export markets – China, US, Brazil, Europe, Russia etc.

The company’s wide array of wines are produced by some of the best-known winemakers in the country and led by renowned Argentine winemaker Ernesto Peruzzi, he has over 30 years of experience producing excellent wines and has received many accolades.

The Lavaque family arrived in Argentina in 1886 and Felix Fortunato Lavaque travelled to Cafayate, Salta (Northern Argentina) in search of land to plant vines, he saw great potential in the natural resources available and so within this high altitude oasis he purchased land and vineyards.  Felix was the first to plant noble varieties which at that time were called "French" and composed of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tannat.  Today these same emblematic varieties remain an important part of the Lavaque portfolio and the family has worked hard in the region to develop not only the wines but also to ensure it is a thriving community.

The Finca Quara winery and vineyards are over 1800 meters above sea level, which imparts great character in the wines.  It is a valley surrounded by mountains, with cool nights and warm days and just enough rain to almost stress the vines, which combine to provide grapes that are rich in flavours.

To further enhance these excellent conditions they add the work of a great team of winemakers consisting of Luis Mounier, Pancho Lavaque and Marcelo Peleritti. The results are elegant wines with personality which always respect what the terroir provides.
The impressive Finca Quara winery
Fifth generation Winemaker Pancho Lavaque
    In the 1960’s a French winemaking family travelled to Argentina with the idea of making classic style wines in the new world. Argentina held great appeal for they realised the potential of the high altitude vineyards, long sunshine hours and mineral soils of Mendoza. They settled in Vistaflores in the Uco Valley and built a winery in 1969, a winery that still stands and is the oldest in the Uco Valley. 

At 1100 metres above sea level, Vistaflores is recognised as one of the leading premium grape growing areas in the whole province, a mixture of alluvial soils and sandy loam mean the vines have to work hard to produce grapes leading to better quality.  The vineyards are drip irrigated with water sourced from an aquifer 120 metres underground.


Finca la Luz have gained international recognition with their wines winning an International Trophy and a Gold Medal at the
Decanter World Wine Awards and high scores from leading critics.


Patagonia is considered one of Argentina’s most beautiful places and for wine makers it offers fertile soil, numerous hours of sun and abundant water.  In this privileged setting Bodega Del Río Elorza was born, a realization of a combined dream between two families - the ‘Del Rio’ family and the ‘Elorza’ family.

In 2001 the Del Rio Elorza family purchased a vineyard originally planted at the beginning of the 20th century.  Planting to high density (5,500 vines/hectare) their 20 hectare site now includes Malbec, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Franc and their wines go from strength to strength. Tim Atkin MW considers Del Rio Elorza to be one of the top 25 Argentine wineries ‘to watch.’

  Bodega Del Rio Elorza
Led by internationally renowned winemaker Alberto Antonini and local winemaker Agustin Lombroni, their experience and understanding of this unique Patagonian terroir impart great personality in the wines.
Vineyards in the High Valley of Río Negro, Patagonia  
Vineyards in the High Valley of Río Negro, Patagonia
Winery owners Mirentxu Elorza & Eduardo Del Rio with their daughter Victoria and winemaker Agustin Lombroni

Algodon Wine Estates dates back to 1946 and many of these old Malbec and Bonarda vines are still used today to produce exceptional wines.  The vineyards are located amongst the beautiful rolling foothills of the Sierra Pintada Mountains in San Rafael (South Mendoza) between two nourishing rivers sustained by the purest glacial runoff from the snow-capped Andes Mountains.  As a result, the sandy clay-loam soil has distinctive properties and considerable benefits that allow the vineyards to produce the very best grapes.

Wine making is led by Mauro Nonsenzo and aided by Mendoza and Bordeaux oenologist Marcelo Pelleriti and Master of Wine Anthony Foster.  Bringing together decades of experience, craftsmanship and tradition, these highly talented and renowned oenologists and winemakers create internationally award-winning vintages using modern winemaking technology with eco-friendly, organic inspired approaches.

Algodon Win Estates
Winemaker Mauro Nosenzo
Renowned Oenologist Marcello Pelleriti
The modern Algodon winery, located in San Rafael
In addition to a World-class winery, the estate also features championship golf and tennis as well as an internationally award-winning hotel lodge and restaurant, high-end resort amenities and luxury vineyard living.

FeCoVita was founded in 1980 as a federation of wine producing co-operatives, comprising
29 cooperatives that are made up of over 5,000 producers and more than 40 wineries.

These producers have joined together in cooperatives to create synergy in the winemaking process and to put their products on the market.  They acquire state-of-the-art machinery, improved agricultural practices and optimize working methods in order to adapt their production to the market and FeCoVitA's quality requirements.

  Head Winemaker Carlos Ponce (right) with
Head Winemaker Carlos Ponce (right) with
his deputy Maximillian Bizotto (left) and
Lee Evans, Managing Director of Condor Wines

Wine making is led by Carlos Ponce who has worked for FeCoVita for over 30 years, with his team he manages 28,000 hectares of vineyards located in the key growing areas of Mendoza, enabling the creation of wines in a huge range of styles.

FeCoVitA is currently positioned as the leader in the domestic market, with more than 25% share.  For the last few years FeCoVitA has been increasingly focusing on exports and has successfully developed new wines and markets, today they export to over 20 countries Worldwide.

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